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What to do After Spring Cleaning (and Make it Fun)

Apr 23, 2013

For those of us who do a complete house cleaning a few times a year, we’re bound to come across tons of clutter that we don’t need, but don’t know what to do with it. Don’t worry, we have you covered—we’ll show you 8 ways to handle your clutter after the pain of cleaning is finished. Also, to keep your things in order after the cleaning is done, don’t forget to add them to your catalog on Unioncy.com. If you haven’t created your own catalog yet, take the chance to Sign up now, it’s completely free.

1: Recycle Electronics

Did you find an old iPod Classic, a drawer full of batteries, a broken laptop, or even a fax machine while spring cleaning? A lot of people make the mistake of throwing their old electronics in the trash, but not only is this wasteful, It could also be illegal. It’s not that they want you to keep your old computer monitor forever, but many o these gadgets contain hazardous materials that can seep into groundwater.

Instead of harming the environment with toxic chemicals, take your old gear to a local electronics recycling centre. Finding a place to recycle electronics is actually pretty easy, so there’s no excuse for shoving your broken hard drives and computers into a black trash bag and throwing them out at night.

2: Sell Things on Unioncy  

Why not make some money with your old junk? By listing your things on Unioncy, you’ll immediately get the current market value and can trade your things in one-click through our eBay partnership. Electronics (working and broken ones), clothes, old dishware, toys and more can all be sold through Unioncy.

3: Repurpose

Waste not, want not. For the resourceful readers out there, you may be able to salvage and repurpose some of the items you come across while cleaning. The great thing about repurposing is that it’s fun and resourceful. DIY projects are extremely popular right now, and we’re (almost) always pleasantly surprised at how creative the designers on sites like Etsy get when they upcycle old wood, furniture, or other items just laying around.

4: Donate

An oldie but a goldie: donating your clothes, old toys, or other items you don’t use frees up some space for you and helps someone in need. There are plenty of non-profit organizations that will not only accept your donations, but some will even come and pick them up from your house to save you a trip. Or, you can use Unioncy and list your things as available for Giveaway.

5: Use it

There is no law stating that you have to get rid of the old things you find when spring cleaning. We tend to associate a great spring clean-out with throwing things away, but we’ve definitely had an occasion or two where we found old things that we forgot about, but could still use.

When cleaning, we suggest making a pile of the stuff that you think you might use. Just keep those items separate from everything you know you’re going to get rid of. Once you’re done cleaning, go through all of the items you set aside and keep anything you will use. The reason we recommend doing it this way is because you might find that after you’re done cleaning, you have a new use for old things. For example, you might have come across some old shelving that you were considering throwing out. After cleaning, you might need them for books, decorations, or pictures.

6: Throw it Away

Anything from tip #5 that you won’t have an immediate need for can be thrown away, assuming you’re not going to do anything else with it. There are certain items that you won’t have any use for at all and don’t have any value. For instance, those old shoes that have been completely worn out. Some people think that ripped and shredded clothes and shoes can be donated, but most charitable organizations do not accept broken, ripped, and well… crappy items.

If you know that the item is completely unusable and is able to be disposed of safely, throw it away.

7: Avoid Holding on

Some of the items you come across during spring cleaning will have some sentimental value, however, it’s important not to let your feelings get in the way of getting rid of old junk. Items like a scarf that belonged to your grandma (who has since passed on) are fine to keep, but holding on to old nick-knacks that you like can really take up a lot of space.

At a certain point in time, you have to depart from the past and move forward. Keep the items that are invaluable, but start giving some serious consideration to getting rid of the junk you can do without. If you haven’t used or looked at something in months, you probably don’t need it.

8: Share it Online (Blog, Social Media)

Something fun you can do with old items is to share it via social media or on a blog. For instance, maybe you came across some vintage clothing you had from years ago or an old Atari console. Tweet about it, post a picture on your Facebook page, or pin it on Pinterest. Your friends might get a kick out of it.

If you blog, make a post about some of your odd finds, or write a post about nostalgia you got from some of the things you found in your closet.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a pain. Instead, use some of the tips here to add a twist to your cleaning and dealing with the clutter  you come across. 

Happy cataloguing!