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How to Stay Productive on the Road

May 02, 2013

Since business travel doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon, what steps should you take to maximize your productivity on the road?

Here are Unioncy’s four top tips for effective business travel

1. Prepare to achieve your goals

In order to have a productive business trip, make sure you do your homework prior to the travel. Learn about the people you are going to meet and the business and legal environment in which they operate. Ask yourself what their motivation to meet could be? What are they looking for from you? Also, plan what things to bring with you. Create a list of things to bring with you on your travels in a catalog on Unioncy. Easily keep the catalog up-to-date by adding or removing items as needed. Sign up today!

2. Take advantage of downtime

To fully utilize downtime, you need to be prepared. Before traveling, think about some things you could get done if you had 20 free minutes, or two free hours, and then make sure to have ready access to whatever you’d need to do so.

If traveling by plane, it can be worth to bring some old-fashioned paper reading material too. The flight attendants will make you put your laptop away during taxi, take-off, and landing, which can total more than an hour at a busy airport.

After a long day, the most productive way to take advantage of downtime may be to just rest. If so, try to get a window seat to avoid people bumping into you and seat neighbours won’t have to wake you when they need to get out.

3. Stick to your healthy routine

Try to keep to a healthy routine, even when you’re on the road. This will help take care of your body, while also keeping you in a rhythm that you’re comfortable with. Many hotels have workout equipment, even if it is not what you’re typically used to. If a gym isn’t available, you can get a quick workout by going for a jog or a walk.

It’s common that business travel involves unhealthy meals with clients, partners, etc. Keep in mind that no one is forcing you to eat anything or, if it’s there’s only one option, to finish all of it. Instead, go for the healthy option or you can politely eat a few bites of each course and then leave the rest on your plate.

4. Stay in touch

We think the worst part of business travel is the separation from our close ones. Our travels impose practical challenges—there are fewer hands to split household chores—as well as emotional ones. Although the practical challenges can be difficult to handle remotely, make it a priority to call home every day—or better yet, make a video Skype call. Even if you are busy with meetings, it’s possible to take 30 minutes to wind down by talking with friends and family.

Safe travels!