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Why You Should Keep Your Receipts (And The Easy Way)

May 10, 2013

Organizing and storing your receipts can be a daunting task. With Unioncy we want to make it easier. After registering on Unioncy, you can search from over 80,000,000 products and in 1-click add the things you own to your very own catalogue together with their respective receipts and purchase details. Why bother with receipts? Storing your receipts could be worthwhile for the following reasons:

1. Proof of purchase for warranties: Receipts for any major purchase such as appliances, electronics, or jewellery should be filed in your warranty files and retained as long as you own the item.

2. Proof of major expenses. For example, Major home appliances expenses should be kept in case you decide to sell the home and need to prove the purchase details to the new owners.

3. Merchandise returns or exchanges. If you could return an item (or if you gave it as a gift), you may want to hold onto the receipt for as long as the store’s return policy applies. After that point, it might be worth keeping them for warranty reasons.

4. Expense reimbursements. You may need to save your receipts in order to be reimbursed for work expenses made with personal funds.

5. Tax deductions. If you are going to tell the tax authorities something, you need to be ready to back it up. When you do have a receipt that will be tax deductible, make sure to save it and also keep a copy.

Knowing that your receipts are all in one place will spare you the trouble and worries next time you are looking.

Happy organizing!